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Please note we currently offer telemedicine visits in order to practice social distancing for the safety of our staff and patients, although we will see patients in-office, as needed. Regular office appointments with enhanced safety protocols will likely resume mid-May.  

Sports Medicine in Austin & Physical Rehabilitation Care

Medicine in Motion’s central Austin location is a facility for all sports-related injuries, sports evaluations, fitness, and performance-based care.

We also provide concussion evaluations, limited eating disorder care, and urgent care services for injuries, stitches, fractures, sprains, strains, and muscle spasms. We also provide services for general health concerns and illnesses. Same-day appointments are available – call us for scheduling.

At Medicine in Motion, we specialize in providing top quality sports medicine healthcare in Austin, TX for active individuals of all ages. Because we believe active bodies are healthy bodies, our mission is to keep you active and healthy. To reach that goal, we provide three levels of service:

  1. Treatment of injuries and illnesses, physical rehab
  2. Promotion of healthy living
  3. Providing comprehensive sports medicine evaluations to optimize your health, activity level, and sports performance

We provide these services to all individuals, regardless of current activity level. We will customize your care in line with your personal goals.

Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm
Friday, 9am – Noon

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