Austin-area sports medicine Tips: Post-Race Recovery, part 2

It’s time for another Austin-area sports medicine 101 class!

In past blogs, we’ve talked about what to do before a race, as well as tips for during a race – today we’re discussing tips on what to do AFTER the big race. Read on for something healthy hints on how to treat your body and mind after a long run:

  1. Stretch. After a run, your muscles are still warm and flexible – there’s no better time for a stretch … just don’t overdo it!
  2. Avoid ibuprofen. Don’t take anti-inflammatories immediately after the race – if you’re not well hydrated, they could damage your kidneys. Wait a few hours until the water has had a chance to rehydrate your system.
  3. Ice packs/ice bath. An ice bath is an ideal way to reduce inflammation after a long run. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, opt for ice packs on the spots that are the sorest.
  4. Cross-train. Your body may not be prepared to run for awhile after a race, but most athletes want to keep moving. Try a low-impact sport like swimming or walking to keep up fitness while allowing your running muscles some healing time.
  5. Get a massage. For muscle relief, visit a massage therapist. But wait a day or two after the race while your body starts the hard work of repairing itself from the run.

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