Sports Medicine in Austin: 10 Ideas for an Active Date

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!


Spring is in the air, and maybe romance is too. It’s the perfect time of year to combine dates with physical activities. Whether you’ve only just met or you’re celebrating years together, surprise your date with an afternoon or evening away from the standard restaurant or movie with something different. No matter your fitness levels or differences in interests, activity dates can bring two people closer together. We’ve put together a list of ten activities for couples to engage in for both romance and physical fitness. Turn your next date from calorie-filled to calorie-burning!

1. Bowling. While not the most strenuous of activities, infrequent bowlers will find themselves using muscle groups they don’t often hit.
2. Yoga. Take a class together, use an application on your smart phone, or pop in a DVD. Not only is yoga a great workout, it will also help partners tune out the rest of the world, which is the perfect mindset for a date.
3. Ballroom dancing. Dance may not be intuitive for every guy (or girl) out there, but the romance factor of this activity is worth the effort of a few lessons.
4. Golf. This is one of the best ways to spend quiet and quality time together. Golf games tend to last a while, so there’s ample time for flirting and a rewarding kiss for those great shots.
5. Bicycling. Even if one or both don’t own a bike, most towns have a rental shop. Not only is this a great way to burn calories, but it’s also better on the environment. Pick a scenic route and turn the experience into a sight-seeing adventure.
6. Batting cages. Not the best at baseball? Worst case scenario is that you’ll get in a few laughs, and that’s great exercise for the abdominal muscles.
7. Rock climbing. Most people don’t have experience with climbing, but bigger cities almost always have an indoor rock climbing facility for beginners. It’s a great workout and a great lesson in trusting your partner.
8. Hike. If you still want to include food in your date, pack a romantic picnic and take a hike through the woods.
9. Beach. Whether playing a round of beach volleyball, going for an ocean swim, or just frolicking along the sandy beaches, it’s all exercise and fun.
10. Rowboat. Rent a rowboat, canoe or kayak for two. The paddling is an excellent upper-body workout, but leave ample time to drift along the water to enjoy the romantic backdrop.

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