Sports Medicine in Austin: 10 Tips to Avoiding Fitness Injuries

It’s time for another Austin-area sports medicine 101 class!


There’s hardly a better feeling than embracing a sport or fitness activity and seeing the positive results on one’s waistline or musculature. But it’s not all fun and games at the gym or on the field – sports-related injuries are very real and can be painful and expensive. We want to make sure athletes of every age and level stay safe and healthy during fitness activities, so we’ve compiled ten tips on how to avoid those season-ending injuries:

1. Use proper techniques when lifting heavy objects to avoid hurting the back.
2. Pay close attention to your form, breathing and range of motion during exercises.
3. Maintain an upright posture position at all times.
4. Stretch throughout the entire day, not just before and after exercising.
5. Address nagging joint and muscle pain with a professional sooner rather than later.
6. Always wear protective gear, such as helmets, protective pads, etc. when playing a sport.
7. Warm up before a fitness activity and cool down after.
8. If playing a team sport, watch out for others – their movements and mistakes can lead to injuries too.
9. When recovering from a previous injury, allow enough time for proper healing before getting back into a physical fitness routine.
10. Don’t participate in exercise or a sport when tired since that’s when more mistakes occur.

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