Austin Sports Medicine: Brain Foods, Part 1

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!


Today is the first in our series of four brain foods that will help keep your mind sharp. The saying goes: you are what you eat. And never is that more true than when it concerns your mental well-being.

First up: eggs. Choose eggs for breakfast. Many health-conscious people opt for fruit and oatmeal over bacon and eggs, which is understandable. But hang on one second – out of all of those choices, eggs is the best brain food. Sure, skip the bacon if you’re worried about calories or cholesterol, but you may want to reconsider when it comes to the eggs.

Along with a solid dose of protein, eggs contain choline, which is a vital component for building memory cells in your brain. Choline supports cell membranes and forms neurotransmitters, which send messages from our brains to our bodies. And don’t skip the yolk – that’s where most of the choline is.

Of course, oatmeal and fruit are better than no breakfast at all, so don’t skip the most important meal of the day. Your mind definitely won’t function well on no energy. So remember, choline makes eggs a super brain food. Use all of your new memory cells to remember that when it’s time for breakfast.

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