Austin Sports Medicine: Common Triathlon Injuries

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Triathlons are generally very safe and athletes incur few injuries. During training, overuse injuries such as tendinitis and stress fractures are common but can be avoided with a proper training schedule and coaching.  

During race day, many first-time event swimmers have a bit of anxiety. Sometimes this is severe enough to stop them from competing. However, the more open-water swims attempted, the less likely this will occur. Other swim injuries include trauma from being accidentally kicked in the water and even near drowning if the event is too crowded or there is tumultuous weather.

The cycling portion of the race is hallmarked by injuries related to bike accidents. We see concussions, broken collar bones and wrists, and a lot of “road rash” – the scraped skin seen after skin and road come into contact during a fall.

The run is the safest part of the day. However, it also occurs last and, therefore, in the hotter part of the day. We see a lot of heat illness and dehydration during this part of the race. Sometimes IV fluids are necessary to bring the athlete back to good health. Rarely, underlying heart problems present during the run portion of the event.

To start off the season, we recently had the Rookie Tri, which is a triathlon for beginners, and Memorial Day’s Life Time Tri CapTex, both hosted by High Five Events. It has a slightly shorter course than most sprint tri’s and is set up to help the first-time triathletes succeed!

Despite the possible injuries listed above, typically triathlons are safe and fun to participate in. And your Medicine in Motion team will be there to help if you are injured.

So think about trying a tri!!! The triathlon season finishes in October, so look for a race that fits your schedule and give it a tri! You will see us next at the Skeese Greets Women’s Triathlon finish line medical tent on June 8th.

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