Austin Sports Medicine: Concussion FAQs, Part 1

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

  1. What is a concussion?  It is the mildest form of brain injury, but can still lead to death and/or permanent brain damage if not treated properly
  2. How does a concussion occur?  Usually, it is from a blow to the head, but you can get a concussion by just abruptly stopping, even if you do not hit your head.
  3. What are the consequences of a concussion?  Usually, if treated properly, concussions resolve without any long term consequences.  But if not treated properly, and sports are attempted while still recovering from a concussion, the concussion can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.
  4. What are symptoms of a concussion?  Headache is the most common symptom of concussion, but it is not always present.  Nausea, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light, confusion, difficulty with concentration, behavioral changes, sleep disturbance, and emotional changes can all occur.

Tune in next week for the second half of our concussion FAQs!

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