Austin Sports Medicine: Does Cleansing Work?

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Our nutritionist gets asked a lot about cleanses, usually by people hoping that a cleanse is a miracle solution for weight loss or something else. Well, we are believers in cleansing, but remember that “cleansing” is a very loose term. We believe in cleansing with real food. Let me explain.

Some of my favorite cleansing foods are artichokes, broccoli, green tea, lemons, avocado and dandelion greens. See, it doesn’t have to be all green powders and pills. I like to incorporate these types of foods into a full day of eating – that’s right, you still eat on this cleanse. When you eat consistent throughout the day, focusing on the foods mentioned, you keep your metabolism going and come to appreciate the taste of real food.

Also, remove all alcohol, sugar, refined starches and sodium. Drink lots of water with mint or lemon, and green tea, and even dandelion tea.

You will lose a little weight, which is always good for your motivation level, but more important, it will hopefully set you up for long-term changes without a yo-yo cycle.

Don’t forget that your digestive track, liver and kidneys are cleansing you daily. Eat real food and limit sodium, sugar, packaged and processed foods, and you’ll be cleansing all of the time.

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