Austin Sports Medicine: Halloween Candy Buyback

Medicine in Motion (MIM) is proud to announce its participation in Operation Gratitude’s Halloween Candy Buyback program. This Halloween trick-or-treaters of any age can bring their excess candy to Medicine in Motion to receive $1 per pound. The sweets will then be placed in care packages that will be sent to U.S. service members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind and to veterans, first responders, wounded warriors and their caregivers. Dr. Martha Pyron is spearheading MIM’s participation in this uplifting mission with hopes of educating kids on proper nutrition.

“We all know that Halloween candy is bad for us. But what parents may not realize is that the excessive sugar in many of these treats causes an insulin boost and a sugar spike that leaves the kids craving more,” says Dr. Pryon, Austin sports medicine doctor and owner of Medicine in Motion. “In fact, studies have shown that these sugar-heavy foods can cause a chemical change in the brain along the same level of those changes caused by drugs.

“I’d recommend letting the little ones enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating and saving a handful of treats for moderate consumption while taking this opportunity to teach them about the negative short-term and long-term effects of sweets on the body. The Halloween Candy Buyback program also gives them a chance to give back and be rewarded for it.”

Global sugar consumption for children increases by about 2% annually and currently sits at 50 million tons per year. Sweets can lead to hyperactivity, tooth decay, an increase risk of disease, a reduction of nutrient intake and weight gain.

Unopened candy and treats will be collected at Medicine in Motion’s North Austin location (13805 Research Blvd, Suite 150) on October 31, November 1 and November 4 during normal business hours. For questions regarding the program, contact the office at 512-257-2500.

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