Sports Medicine in Austin: Holiday nutrition tips, part three

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!


We’re entering into a favorite time of year for many – it brings lots of parties, food, late nights and other indulgences. With all of the temptations in front of us, it’s easy to brush aside our healthy eating patterns. But we have a few tips to help guide you the holiday season without packing on the extra weight.

  • Read the label. The holidays are busy. Even if you want to make everything at home, you may not always have time. So make sure you read the nutritional information on those pre-made appetizers to make the best choices.
  • Share leftovers. If you’re hosting a holiday party, buy some containers to send food home with your guests. The food won’t go to waste, but it won’t go to your waist either.
  • Small plates. The larger your plate, the likelier you are to eat more. Break out the small plates for family meals and parties. Serve bite-size portions. Pre-cut dinner foods to help everyone with portion control.
  • Browse online menus. If you’re eating out, choose a restaurant that has healthy options like salads (dressing on the side – always!) and grilled meats. Go the extra mile and look at the menu online ahead of time so you can make your healthy eating decisions before getting to the restaurant.
  • Potluck power. If you’re attending an office or group potluck, you’re at the mercy of what everyone else brings. So make sure you contribute a healthy option that you can enjoy as a meal in case the other food options are less than desirable.
  • Hide, don’t seek. Whether you’re at the office or at home, if you leave treats on the counter tops or on top of your desk, the sight of them will lead to higher temptation. Put the goodies away until there are friends around with whom you can share.
  • Make your diet concerns known. If your host or hostess asks if you have dietary restrictions, don’t be shy. Let them know you’re on a low-fat, low-sodium plan – most people are more than willing to accommodate your needs if they’re aware.
  • Don’t let guilt ruin your holiday. You’re active. You generally eat smart. But if you do overeat, don’t stress over it. Enjoy your holiday and remind yourself that this is the exception, not the rule.

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