Austin Sports Medicine: Immunity Foods, Part 2

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

We all want to keep our immune systems in tiptop shape, and we see all sorts of supplements that claim to do so. But why not start with the food you eat every day? Today is the second in our series of five foods that will give your immunity a boost.

Believe it or not, beef is a great immunity booster. Beef contains zinc, one of the most important nutrients for immunity function. Zinc deficiency can increase your risk of infection. So those of you who may not be getting enough zinc, especially vegetarians, make sure you get it from some other source. Beans, nuts and whole grains also contain zinc.

Omnivores can focus on that beef or other red meats because it contains the highest concentration of the mineral. Go for high-quality lean beef and couple it with spinach and whole grains for a hearty winter immunity boosting meal.

Remember, your first defense against sickness is keeping your immune system in shape. A high concentration of zinc, such as found in beef, will benefit your immune system.

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