Austin Sports Medicine: Medical Director

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Austin Sports Medicine - Medicine in Motion - Ashley Chisholm and Dr Pyron

Dr. Pyron’s Medical Staff on the Race Course

Dr. Pyron believes that all race participants should have access to a high level of care at all sporting events.  As Medical Director, Dr. Pyron analyzes the potential for injury and illness and creates customized safety protocols specific to each event in accordance with best medical practices.  Along with Dr. Pyron her medical staff may include nurses, certified athletic trainers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, medical assistants, physical therapists, and volunteers.  While on the race course you may see Dr. Pyron’s medical team all experienced in sport medicine injury care and prevention.  Dr. Pyron can be transported urgently to an injured athlete on the race course to provide the best possible patient care.

Dr. Pyron’s Finish Line/Main Medical Tent

Participants needing medical care at the finish line medical tent during a race will be evaluated by Dr. Pyron and/or one of her team healthcare providers. Participants may walk into the tent, be assisted from the finish line, or transported off the race course to the medical tent by one of the roaming emergency medical technicians.

Depending on the type of event, Dr. Pyron and the medical team are able to provide immediate care including splints, stitches, bandages, and intravenous fluid support on site. Common services provided by the medical tent personnel are Band-Aids for blisters, ice for injuries and ice baths to combat overheating injury. Dr. Pyron determines the need for medical care on an individual basis. Participants treated in the medical tent may be dismissed from the tent on their own or may be transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation.

Medicine in Motion Events has provided medical coverage for the following races:

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