Austin Sports Medicine: Nutrition & Variety

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

So, how did that New Year’s diet plan work for you? I’ve noticed the New Year’s resolution newbies to the gym have started thinning out again. It’s so hard to change habits, especially several at once. 

So, how about variety?  Variety is the spice of life, right? This is certainly true in the food category. Yes, you want to eat your quality protein, vegetables and fruits. No, you don’t want to live on cheesecake. But, a little bit of that here and there isn’t bad for you. In fact, if you are monitoring your portion sizes and generally making healthy decisions about food, the added variety of an occasional “treat” actually makes you more likely to succeed at your dieting plan. What? I can eat that nutter butter cookie? Yes you can! You just can’t eat the whole box.

One of the reasons fad diets don’t work is because they are strict and hard to maintain. Initially, paying close attention to your diet works, no matter what it is you are doing to diet. But, once that becomes boring, you lose interest and fall off the wagon in a big way. So, by adding a little variety, you get the best of both worlds: smaller portion sizes, occasional bites of some of the fun food you really like, and overall healthy weight loss.

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