Austin Sports Medicine: Overindulging

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Eating right should be something you strive to do all of the time, as you know. But no one’s perfect. And we shouldn’t be. When it comes to watching what you eat, it isn’t a matter of if you’ll overindulge, it’s a matter of when. It happens to all of us. We cave to a cheeseburger craving, have a second helping of dessert or drink a couple extra glasses of wine. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional overindulgence. It’s what you do afterwards that really matters.

Don’t let one mistake send you on a spiral into a junk food abyss. Too often we left a single pebble on the track derail the entire train. It’s that natural domino effect. Well, I had a donut for breakfast, so for lunch I might as well have a pizza, onion rings, a soda, a milkshake and a candy bar too!

It’s easy to go down that road, but you do not have to. The first mistake is beating yourself up for giving into a craving. Accept that it happens and will continue to happen, and move right on. If you imagine it as a natural anomaly to your otherwise healthy lifestyle, it’s way easier to let it go as the isolated incident that it is.

Don’t use it as an excuse to continue to overindulge. Look at is as a reason to get back on track and stay there. Think of every meal and snack as a Monday morning—an individual opportunity to eat right.

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