Austin Sports Medicine: Personal Training and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class! It’s that time of year again – for many of us, a new year means it’s time to reflect on the past while making plans for a better future. Resolutions are a great way to put new focus on improving ourselves in a variety of ways.

The most popular type of resolution involves improving one’s physical body. But as you probably know, most people never fully realize their resolutions. Whether failure is due to lack of motivation or disappoint in immediate results, sometimes what is needed is a little guidance and encouragement. Personal trainers are a great asset when it comes to helping you achieve your fitness goals – at New Year’s and year-round!

We’ve put together a few questions a good personal trainer will ask.  Read on and start mentally preparing to achieve your goals in 2013. And if a personal trainer is that extra push that you need, contact us today!

1. What is your single most important fitness goal?

2. When meeting your goal, what positive outcomes do you expect to achieve?

3. What is your biggest obstacle to reaching your goal?

4. When and where will this obstacle likely occur?

5. What steps can you take to prevent the obstacle from happening?

6. In the event the obstacle does occur, what can you do to get yourself back on track toward your fitness goal?

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