Austin Sports Medicine: Sweet(s) Advice

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Here’s a familiar scenario: you’ve just finished a savory meal or it’s late afternoon and you’re starting to drag. Whatever the case, you need something sweet and you need it now! The desire for something sweet can be like a fire that needs extinguishing, but oh those calories!

To avoid excess calories, your instinct might be to reach for calorie-free, artificially sweetened foods. But hang on a second! Research over the last few decades has shown that artificial sweeteners DON’T prevent weight gain. In fact, they may actually CAUSE weight gain because they deliver sweetness without calories, tricking your body into looking for those calories later on, which means more cravings. To top it off, consuming artificial sweeteners just means putting chemicals in your body.

Try satisfying your sweets craving with something naturally sweet like fresh fruit. Good-for-you spices like cinnamon and nutmeg may even work. On the occasions when you do decided to splurge a little, portion your desserts to the size of a conscious indulgence. You’ll kill the craving cycle without a chemical cocktail.

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