Austin Sports Medicine: Team Physician Services

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Austin Sports Medicine - Medicine in Motion - Ashley Chisholm and Dr Pyron

Medicine In Motion is a sport medicine clinic uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive care for athletic teams of all skill levels. Dr. Pyron’s residency in Family Medicine and fellowship in Sports Medicine along with her experience as the team physician for Penn State University and the University of Texas in Austin shaped her exceptional skill set and experience needed to take care of athletes. Dr. Pyron and her team work together to form an athletic care network that are involved with the care of athletes on and off the field. Medicine In Motion also provides safety consultations with event organizers and administrators.

Services include pre-participation examinations with concussion baseline and balance testing, chronic illness management, injury prevention, on field or race emergency care, quick access to Medicine In Motion for injury management, and return to play protocols to maximize performance while preventing re-injury.

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