Austin Sports Medicine Tips: Post-Race Recovery, part 1

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class! In past blogs, we’ve talked about what to do before a race, as well as tips for during a race – today we’re discussing tips on what to do AFTER the big race. Read on for something healthy hints on how to treat your body and mind after a long run:

  1. Don’t sit. Walk around for a few minutes to bring your heart rate down slowly and to avoid the risk of blood pooling in your legs.
  2. Dry clothes. Once your body starts to slow down, those wet running clothes will start to bother you and maybe give you the chills. Change into something warm and soft. Also put on another pair of shoes that provide plenty of support.
  3. Assess your pain levels. If you’re in a lot of pain or just don’t feel quite right, head to the medical tent immediately.
  4. Drink. A combination of water and sports drinks will help replenish lost fluids, sodium and electrolytes.
  5. Eat carbohydrates and proteins. Your muscles need help repairing themselves after an intense run. A 3 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein can do the most good within 30 minutes after the event. The right balance of food can also help minimize sore muscles and stiffness.

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