Austin Sports Medicine Tips: Post-Race Recovery, part 3

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class! In past blogs, we’ve talked about what to do before a race, as well as tips for during a race – today we’re discussing tips on what to do AFTER the big race. Read on for something healthy hints on how to treat your body and mind after a long run:

11. Use a foam roller. If you don’t want to or can’t see a massage therapist, a foam roller is a great alternative to massage tight spots on your own. Again, it’s best to wait a couple of days after the race so you don’t create additional soreness for the body to deal with.

12. Rest. Sleep is essential for the recovery process. You may sleep a lot after a big race, but that’s perfectly normal. Remember to listen to your body and follow its lead.

13. Be proud. Pat yourself on the back and take pride in your amazing accomplishment. You’ve trained your body to its limits, and you crossed the finish line.

14. Deal with emotions. Mild post-run depression often occurs among long distance runners. Your body’s endorphins will take a hit after the race, so you may find yourself coming down from a runner’s high. Find a new goal to focus on – whether it’s another race or a completely new challenge.

15. Reflect. If you plan to race again, it’s important to think back on the race and the training that led up to it. What worked well for you? What would you do differently next time?

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