Austin Sports Medicine: Veggie Drinks

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

You know you need to eat your veggies. You may have even become diligent about getting your daily recommended servings. Or more! But you’ve tried all the produce your grocery store and farmers market has to offer, maybe even two times over. You’re bored and who can blame you? The amount of fruit and vegetables we need means that occasionally we’re going to look at an apple or a carrot and just long for something not so nutritious.

If that’s you, first of all, nice work. Second, you’re a rare breed, because the majority of people don’t get enough vegetables each day. So whether you’re stuck in a rut or just not getting enough, there’s hope! Try a new twist on vegetables with veggie juice!

Try a basic juice with kale, romaine, cucumber and apple slices. There are all sorts of recipes available online, so get creative with your blender. It’s a great solution for mixing up your daily veggie intake. Get it? Mixing? Haha. So remember: There are many ways to get your veggies, so try something new! Juicing those greens will help you feel better and meet your daily vegetable requirements.

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