Sports Medicine in Austin: What is ACL?

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!


In a medical context, we hear the term “ACL” thrown around a lot, particularly in reference to it being “torn.” But what is ACL exactly? We’ve got the 411 for you!

• ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament.
• The ACL is a primary stabilizing ligament in the center of the knee joint.
• It prevents hyperextension and excessive rotation of the knee joint.
• The ACL works together with the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), which is the other major knee ligament.
• Knee stability is provided by the ACL and PCL.
• The ACL and PCL form an “x” that allows the knee to flex and extend without side-to-side movement.
• The rate of ACL tears for women is about 8 times as frequent as those in men.
• When tears require ACL reconstruction, rehab can take up to 12 months for recovery.

Next blog we’ll continue our discussion on the ACL as we look into ways to prevent ACL tears.

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