Austin Sports Medicine: When to Use Baseline Concussion Testing

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Blue brain

The absolute best way to manage concussions is to have baseline testing prior to the start of a sports season. Why is that? If a head injury does occur, we then repeat the test for comparison.  By doing this, there is a unique and direct comparison from healthy brain to concussion for the clinician to evaluate.

When to use concussion testing?

1.   Athletes involved in contact sports (such as football) should have a baseline test before the season begins.

2.   Athletes incurring an injury should be evaluated, regardless of whether or not they received a baseline test.

3.   Anyone who has had repeated concussions in the past should be tested to determine the possibility of any long term complications.

4.   Non-sports participants that receive head injuries should also be tested to evaluate cognitive abilities.

5.   Parents of athletes should have their children baseline tested every other year until they reach adulthood to ensure their brains are protected.

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