Austin Sports Medicine: Workout Challenge

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

Exercise does not have to be long and boring. If you’re just starting out and having trouble picturing yourself spending hours in a gym, don’t worry – you don’t have to! Twice this week, try something that’s very hard for you, but only for ONE minute!

You could break into a sprint while you’re on a walk, carry your groceries up the stairs instead of using the elevator, or try out a jump rope. Surprising your body with short bursts of a somewhat difficult activity can be a great way of preparing yourself for more intense workouts … if you’re careful not to overdo it, of course.

And even if you’re the type of person who isn’t going to spend a lot of time working out in the future, it’s still beneficial. It’s a great way to get the heart rate up and work out some muscles that may not get a whole lot of action, which in itself is better for you even if it doesn’t lead to longer, more intense workouts.

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