Family Medicine in Austin: Eating the Right Amount

It’s time for another Austin-area family medicine 101 class!

You’re always hearing about serving sizes and portion control, but I want to remind you to always be in touch with your hunger quotient. Eat when you’re slightly hungry and stop when you’re slightly satisfied. Let that guide you. That said, we still need to know what a portion looks like as a place to start, so here are a few mental images for you:

  • Veggies are a free pass – eat them liberally
  • Fruits should fit in the palm of your hand
  • Starches like rice and pasta should be about the size of a baseball
  • Bread should be around the size of an old-school CD
  • Fats, butter or oil should be the size of a poker chip
  • Cheese should be the size of three to four dice
  • Protein like meat and fish should be the size of a deck of cards
  • An indulgence like ice cream should be around the size of a light bulb head

Surprised by any of that? You should be because it’s surprising! Most people are overeating without even realizing it because they don’t know what a serving is. Once you do, it will be a whole lot easier to ensure you and your family are eating the right amount.

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