Family Medicine in Austin: Essential Nutrients

It’s time for another Austin-area family medicine 101 class!

You hear all of the time about how you should monitor your nutrients and make sure you’re getting more of some and less of others. Too much information can be just as bad as too little. Today we’re going to tell you about just three tough-to-get nutrients.

  1. Calcium – Known for its role in getting strong teeth and bones, calcium also plays an important role in muscle and nerve health. Stick to the sure things and make sure you have plenty of both in your diet:
    • Dairy foods contain easy to absorb forms of calcium
    • Dark leafy greens also provide some calcium
  2. Choline – A nutrient you may have never heard of but choline is absolutely essential for brain development and memory. A great source of choline is found in eggs – and don’t skip that yolk! That’s where most of the choline and the flavor is.
  3. Vitamin D – 40% of Americans don’t get enough of this nutrient. Vitamin D is a bone-building nutrient also important for immunity. It may also reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Responsible time in the sun, salmon, mushrooms and milk are some of the best sources of vitamin D.

Get your adequate supply of nutrients to ensure you feel healthy and happy.

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