Family Medicine in Austin: Holiday Health – Brussels Sprouts

It’s time for another Austin-area family medicine 101 class!

If I asked you to list the five most important things about the holidays, food would almost certainly be on that list. Many of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that we have to abandon all health options this time of year. Or do we? It turns out that many traditional holiday meals have ingredients that are super-foods. So stock up on those this season. And, of course, choose the holiday recipes that call for these foods in the healthiest manner.

Today we’re talking about Brussels sprouts. If you don’t like Brussels sprouts as an adult, my guess is that at some point in your childhood, someone forced you to eat them. Well doesn’t everything deserve a second chance? Brussels sprouts are little balls of nutrition. They have Vitamin K, folate, beta-carotene, potassium, plus they contain a ton of fiber, which helps regulate digestion and lower cholesterol. That’s a lot of heaving lifting for a little sprout!

If you’ve only had them broiled, try roasting, grilling or braising them. Toss them with lemon, olive oil and fresh herbs, and you might find they’re not half-bad!

So remember, a holiday meal doesn’t have to be a death sentence for health.

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