Family Medicine in Austin: The Skinny on Bread

It’s time for another Austin-area family medicine 101 class!

Bread went through some tough times over the last decade. The Atkins Diet being one of many strict eating plans that gave carbohydrates a bad name with bread leading the evil pack. When the no-carb fad had fallen and the crumb dust settled, a lot of people were left wondering what the deal was with bread. Should we eat it?

Like EVERY type of food, it’s possible to over eat bread. We tend to particularly gorge ourselves on refined white bread that have very little fiber and other nutrients and just leave us wanting more. The key is to go for 100% whole wheat bread and exercise portion control. A slice with an egg in the morning or on the side of a hearty veggie salad makes perfect sense. BUT if you’re eating pasta as your main course, you’ll want to skip it.

So remember, bread isn’t bad but too much of anything can be. So you don’t need to deprive yourself all of the time but don’t eat the whole basket either.

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