Patient Testimonials

I was fortunate enough to find Medicine in Motion and it has been a great experience. I went to Dr. Pyron with some hip pain and started physical therapy with Dr. Joseph Rayner IV, PT, DPT inside the clinic. He was great! He identified the problem and created a personalized plan for me. I was able to strengthen the muscles in my hips and glutes which completely resolved the hip pain and swelling.  I highly recommend this place to everyone especially if you are dealing with any sport injuries.

Ileana Worden

I am so grateful for all of the effort, support, and care I received from the whole team at Medicine in Motion.  They got me running again with no problems!

Dan Spears

Dr. Pyron and her staff, Jess Rogo and Dr. Joseph, have helped me recover both mobility and strength from the great work they do.  Additionally, Dr. Pyron caught a fractured radius that my Orthopedic Surgeon missed just last month.  They are as friendly as can be while also being extremely professional and approachable.  They know healing any part of the body takes a holistic approach.  I cannot recommend this practice enough.  Thank you Dr. Pyron for all you do!

Kara Gross

I was referred to Medicine in Motion for evaluation and treatment for physical therapy. After 20 years of living with neck, shoulder and arm pain from nerve damage I figured it would once again be the usual stuff, but boy was I wrong. Dr. Pyron and her team were exceptional in every way possible! My treatment was tailored specifically for me and unlike anything I experienced in the past.

Working with Dr. Joseph Rayner and Jess Rogo, I was surprised at how much I found myself able to do and how much stronger I became with each passing week. The best thing was my pain decreased and I started to feel and move more like I did before the chronic pain took over my life. After years of debilitating chronic pain, you tend to think nothing will ever improve, you withdraw from activities and friends and life becomes too much to stand. However, I can say from my experience, if you want to participate in life again, feel great and be free to have a good life again, give Medicine in Motion a chance, they will not disappoint!!!

Ann Grizzard

I really appreciated Dr. Pyron, Dr. Joseph, and the team at Medicine in Motion (Austin location) – the entire experience for my injury was as good, if not better than, I could have hoped for.  The knowledge of the injury was SPOT on and really helped catapult my healing process to the point of an almost 100% recovery.  I believe if I continue my exercise routine I may end up even closer to the full range of motion I had prior to the injury.  I appreciate the kindness, friendly atmosphere, and willingness to work through scheduling and payment details.

John Hines

Dr. Pyron, Joseph, and the team at Medicine in Motion helped me get back to running condition after having to take time off from daily knee pain.  They evaluated my situation and set a plan and goals to increase strength to remedy my situation.   The training and exercises increased the stability and strength I needed to get back to running without pain.  I’d highly recommend MNM.

Richard Paddock

I’ve been dealing with pain for years now, and Dr. Pyron and Dr. Joseph were the first to find the underlying cause and work to improve it. You can tell these professionals truly care about their patients’ health. I can’t recommend them more highly!

Tommy Wilczek

I depend on reviews, so I write them! 😉 Everyone should, right? I have been a patient of Dr. Pyron for a couple of years, for two separate issues. Dr. Pyron is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in family practice and sports medicine. She takes time to listen, explain and make sure I have any questions asked. The therapists, Jess and Joseph are top notch and know their profession and how to best treat, in this case me! I can’t say enough good things about Medicine in Motion!

Amy Wright