Sports Medicine in Austin: Kids and Concussions

It’s time for another Austin-area sports medicine 101 class!

April is Youth Sports Safety Month! If you follow our blog or Facebook page, you know that we spend a fair amount of time talking about concussions because it’s a serious issue, particularly when involving children. Here are a few concussion facts you may not be aware of:

  1. Compared to an adult suffering a similar injury, youth are more likely to sustain a concussion and are more likely to have the concussion last longer.
  2. Multiple concussions can lead to permanent learning difficulties, so keep track of how many head injuries are occurring and seek advice from a health care professional if your youth has had 3 or more head injuries.
  3. Concussions, when treated properly, usually completely resolve and should not cause any future difficulties, so seek treatment for a concussion in your athlete if one occurs.

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