Sports Medicine in Austin: Medical Coverage for Sports Events

It’s time for another Austin-area sports medicine 101 class!


  • You are a league organizer who is sponsoring a tournament – bring your league up a notch by providing medical care.
  • You play on a recreational team and want to prevent injuries or have them treated promptly – arrange to have a specialist meet with your team once or several times to develop a plan of care for them.
  • You are the parent of a child on a team and are interested in injury prevention.
  • You want your team members to avoid trips to the ER and receive specialized care from the moment of injury, saving time and money.

Are you organizing a race? Planning a tournament? Or playing on a recreational team that keeps having injuries get in the way of winning?

Our experts have traveled worldwide to work with events and teams – including the U.S. Women’s Softball World Champions and the U.S. Field Hockey team. Our work in these events is tailored to the specific needs of the organizers. If you want a medic there just in case of an emergency or to calm parents’ fears; or if you are looking for a complete sports medicine team to work with your team for the entire season, we are available for you!


  • U.S. Women’s Softball Tournament
  • U.S. Women’s Field Hockey Team
  • Penn State Athletic Teams
  • University of Texas Club Sport Teams
  • Vista Ridge High School Football
  • Texas USA Wrestling
  • Ice Hockey matches vs Cedar Park STARS
  • Round Rock Women’s Soccer League
  • ATLAS Ride for the Texas 4000 cycling club

If you have questions or have needs regarding sports medicine in Austin or the surrounding areas, visit us at, call or send us an email!