Sports Medicine in Austin: Staying fit during the holidays

It’s time for another Austin-area sports medicine 101 class!

The holiday season is upon us, but fitness doesn’t stop being important to you. In fact, with all of the holiday foods and indulgences, a well-planned exercise regimen is more critical than ever. But between the parties, travel and other obligations, it’s hard to find the time. To help you manage your need for exercise with the holiday revelry, we’ve come up with a few tips:

  1. Schedule your exercise time as if it was a meeting. It’s easier to remember and keep if you’ve got it on the calendar.
  2. Have a backup plan. Lots of unexpected events pop up during the holidays, so be prepared to shift your workout to another day or time.
  3. Go the extra mile. When you’re out shopping, park as far as possible from the entrance to take advantage of the walk. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
  4. If you can’t spend that half hour at the gym, break up your workout into smaller segments. Take a 15-minute walk before work and then again during lunch to get in your needed time.
  5. If you’re in a time crunch, don’t waste it on a drive to the gym – just workout at home. There are plenty of great options, even if you don’t have a machine or weights. Do a quick online search for “at home workouts” and find something that suits your needs.
  6. When family or friends pop in for a visit, include them in your workout. Go for a walk and enjoy the holiday scenery – you’ll still be able to bond and chat, but you’ll be doing your body good at the same time.
  7. Adjust your workout goals, if only for the season. If you work out five days a week, consider dropping it to three until the holidays are over. Some exercise is better than none!

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