Treating Heat Cramps

It’s time for another Austin Sports Medicine 101 class!

In our last two blogs, we discussed the definition of heat cramps and the causes of heat cramps. If you’re an athlete in Austin and you participate in outdoor sports or activities, there’s a good chance you could be faced with heat cramps. If so, here are the  recommendations for tackling the problem:

  • Immediately stop whatever physical activity you’re participating in. Find a shaded, cool area and sit down and relax.
  • Since your electrolyte levels are likely depleted, have a sports drink with electrolytes.
  • Massage the cramping muscle and slowly stretch the area.
  • Keep the area in a stretched position until the cramping ends.
  • If the cramps are still present after an hour, seek help from your Austin sports medicine doctor (LINK) or other qualified medical professional.

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