Importance Of Having Physical Therapy Sessions Before Surgery

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It is simple to understand why physical therapy is crucial before surgery. Not only may it lessen the formation of scar tissue around the area, but it can also speed up healing and restore mobility. Although it may be more challenging to understand why you need physical therapy before surgery, doing so could prove even […]

How Does A Physical Therapist Help In Recovering From Herniated Discs?

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A spinal disc herniation is a fairly common diagnosis that happens when a ruptured area of the outer disc layer allows the gel-like nucleus pulposus to protrude through (called the annulus). This problem most frequently manifests in the lower lumbar spine, although it can occur in any of the three spinal regions (cervical, thoracic, or […]

The Importance of In-Office Sports Physicals

TELEMEDICINE is so awesome!!! Sooo convenient! And SAFE.  No worries about spreading or catching an infection. BUT, there are some reasons to come into the doctors office and today I wanted to focus on sports and yearly physicals. Let’s talk sports physicals first. Sports physicals, you know the forms you have to get signed by […]

Happy Pride Month Everyone! Wait, is that now?

PRIDE is about feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your community, standing up for what is right, and celebrating the joy surrounding PRIDE.  In particular PRIDE month refers to the LGBTQA community. But when are all the celebrations in Austin?  Well, that’s complicated.  There are three time periods to pay attention to. 1. PRIDE […]

Benefits of Exercise on Depression and Anxiety

By: Martha Pyron MD, Joseph Rayner IV, PT, DPT The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a widespread increase in varying mental health disorders, most commonly anxiety and depression. Of course, this should come to no surprise to anyone, as policies placed to protect the public also meant that activities that affect a person’s well-being would […]