Family Medicine in Austin: Flavor Minus the Calories

It’s time for another Austin-area family medicine 101 class!

Fresh herbs aren’t just for chefs in restaurants – anyone can cook with them, and anyone can grow them. The benefits of having your own herb garden are hard to beat.

  • The obvious is that fresh herbs can take an ordinary meal to the next level. Herbs add more than just flavor to a meal, though.
  • Most herbs add basically no calories and are great for you. What other food can make those claims?
  • Growing your own herbs can be very rewarding. Herbs are relatively easy, inexpensive and require very little space. And you and your family get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts while watching your plants grow and thrive.
  • Not to mention they’re so nice to look at!
  • Many use gardening as a stress reliever too (at least those with green thumbs!). But hey, it’s worth a try! Many people who have had little success with other plants can keep herbs without any problems.

Remember, herb gardening is a relaxing hobby that will benefit you in many ways.

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