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Schedule a wellness checkup and receive a 2022 Roadmap to Optimal Health Plan!

Importance Of Having Physical Therapy Sessions Before Surgery

Physical Therapy Specialists in Texas

It is simple to understand why physical therapy is crucial before surgery. Not only may it lessen the formation of scar tissue around the area, but it can also speed up healing and restore mobility. Although it may be more challenging to understand why you need physical therapy before surgery, doing so could prove even more helpful.

In this blog, we will discuss why physical therapy is important before surgery.

Pre-operative physical therapy reduces recovery time.

During preoperative therapy, physical therapy specialists in Texas can cut post-operative care for patients with total knee or hip replacements. This results in significant cost savings and shortens the recovery period. 

Also, the best part is that in one to two pre-operative physical therapy sessions, you can start to observe improvements. 

Pre-operative physical therapy sessions for total knee or hip replacements frequently concentrate on teaching patients the fundamental exercises they will undertake following surgery and less on strengthening muscles or increasing flexibility.

Pre-operative physical therapy can shorten hospitalization. 

Pre-operative physical therapy can reduce the length of stay for patients at high risk for postoperative problems or who will likely be transferred to an acute care rehabilitation center. 

Low-intensity exercise performed under the supervision of a physical therapy specialist in Texas helps with everything from joint replacement to cardio-thoracic surgery by enhancing circulation, which in turn quickens the body’s healing process. 

Similarly, patients who increase their muscle mass in the back, arms, legs, and core are less likely to undergo significant degrees of atrophy while recovering. 

Even when a patient is healing well, such therapy frequently delays their return to their home. Before surgery, a patient’s balance can be improved, lowering the risk of falling and potentially lengthening the spine.

Pre-operative Physical Therapy may be used to avoid surgery entirely.

Working with a physical therapy specialist in Texas before surgery may have an unexpected outcome, even though pre-operative physical therapy has a different goal than post-operative physical therapy.

Sometimes surgery might not be necessary. The treatment may aid in healing soft tissue injuries and restoring function without requiring surgical intervention. However, this is different for patients who are considering total joint replacement. It is frequently associated with recovery from surgery. 

Physical therapists are masters at regaining movement and function throughout the body, whether or not surgery is involved. But try pre-operative physical therapy if you want surgery on any soft tissues. Your results might astound you.


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