Medicine in Motion Events: Sports Event Medical Coverage


  • You are a league organizer who is sponsoring a tournament - bring your league up a notch by providing medical care.
  • You play on a recreational team and want to prevent injuries or have them treated promptly – arrange to have a specialist meet with your team once or several times to develop a plan of care for them.
  • You are the parent of a child on a team and are interested in injury prevention.
  • You want your team members to avoid trips to the ER and receive specialized care from the moment of injury, saving time and money.

Are you organizing a race? Planning a tournament? Or playing on a recreational team that keeps having injuries get in the way of winning?

Our experts have traveled worldwide to work with events and teams - including the U.S. Women’s Softball World Champions and the U.S. Field Hockey team. Our work in these events is tailored to the specific needs of the organizers. If you want a medic there just in case of an emergency or to calm parents’ fears; or if you are looking for a complete sports medicine team to work with your team for the entire season, we are available for you!

Medical Director Services

Dr. Pyron’s Services as Medical Director

The role of a Medical Director is to determine the appropriate safety and medical coverage needed based on the specific sporting event. Dr. Pyron, a Board Certified Sports Medicine Physician, has worked with collegiate level athletic teams as the Team Physician, as well as Medical Director with several major sporting events and tournaments. Years of focused sport medicine experience in the clinic as well as on the field have allowed Dr. Pyron and her staff to efficiently care for all athletes. Dr. Pyron works closely with Race Directors to provide expert level injury prevention and injury care before, during, and after an athletic event or race. At each race or event, the main goal is to prevent injuries from occurring. However, if an injury happens, Dr. Pyron’s safety plan will provide quick medical assessment with the goals of the participant to continue on the course without further injury. On exam, if it is found to be unsafe for the participant to return to the course, optimal medical care will be provided to avoid further injury.

An athlete herself, Dr. Pyron is in a unique position to determine when a participant is no longer fit to continue the race, or when transport for advanced medical care is required. Dr. Pyron analyzes the potential for injury and illness and creates safety protocols specific to each event in accordance with best medical practices.

Click here for a list of some of the events for which Dr. Pyron serves as the Medical Director.

Team Physician Services

Dr. Pyron's Services as Team Physician

Medicine In Motion is a sport medicine clinic uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive care for athletic teams of all skill levels. Dr. Pyron’s residency in Family Medicine and fellowship in Sports Medicine along with her experience as the team physician for Penn State University and the University of Texas in Austin shaped her exceptional skill set and experience needed to take care of athletes. Dr. Pyron and her team work together to form an athletic care network that are involved with the care of athletes on and off the field. Medicine In Motion also provides safety consultations with event organizers and administrators.

Services include pre-participation examinations with concussion baseline and balance testing, chronic illness management, injury prevention, on field or race emergency care, quick access to Medicine In Motion for injury management, and return to play protocols to maximize performance while preventing re-injury.

Click here for a list of some of the teams for which Dr. Pyron serves as the Team Physician.

Other Services